Our projects are shipped directly to your school in a complete Classroom Kit offering everything for a full woodworking experience for the elementary classroom.  Each kit includes a cross-curricular Workbook with illustrated assembly instructions (digital copy), all pre-cut and pre-drilled wood pieces, wood glue, nails or screws where required, sanding blocks and sandpaper. The kits have been designed for teachers with no woodworking experience and helpful Teacher’s Reference Guides accompany the Workbooks. We have a series of YOUTUBE videos (click here) demonstrating how to build the projects. Our Classroom Kits are packaged for 24 students; for classrooms of more than 24 students, we offer Top-up kits with 3 additional student  units.

Tools and safety goggles are not included in the kits; some projects use nails or screws and some projects use only wood glue for assembly. Shipping fees are not included in prices. We ship via Canada Post or courier and we will find the best shipping rate for each order.

The Workbook grade levels are recommendations only.  You are the best judge of what works best for your students.  The Bird Feeder, Logging Truck and Bird House Workbooks are also available in French.

The MAKER BLOCKS set consists of 300 small wooden blocks (triangles, circles, squares, narrow and wide rectangles) for students in K-1 to create designs. The Workbook offers simple lessons in math, shape recognition, 2D and 3D design and creating letters and numbers with blocks; this resource may be used year after year in your classroom – a Teacher’s Reference Guide is not required for this project. The BUILD-A-BUDDY Workbook offers simple lessons for students in Grade 2; a Teacher’s Reference Guide is not required for this project. These kits contain small parts and adult supervision is required.


CLICK on the projects below

        K-1 Maker Blocks (300)

       Grade 2 BUILD-A-BUDDY

           Grade 3 Locomotive

               Grade 4 Planter

          Grade 5 Bird Feeder
     Workbook also in French

        Grade 6 Logging Truck
      Workbook also in French

           Grade 7 Bird House
     Workbook also in French

         Mason Bee House

              Toy Factory