Bird Feeder

Complete Classroom Kit Bird Feeder

Recommended for Grade 5 Students

This project uses wood glue and nails

Set of 24 Bird Feeders with Workbook $250.00

plus GST and shipping (finished Bird Feeders not included)

Additional units are available for classrooms with more than 24 students.

The Bird Feeder Classroom Kit is shipped in one box weighing 25 pounds.

The Bird Feeder Workbook will be available in French in the spring of 2019.



  • Workbook Hard Copy
  • Workbook Digital Copy
  • Teacher’s Reference Guide
  • Finished Wood Parts for Bird Feeders (24)
  • Two Finished Assembly Jigs
  • One Set Hardwood Samples
  • Sanding Blocks (24)
  • Wood Glue
  • Masking Tape
  • Medium Grit Sandpaper
  • 1” Common Nails


  • Bird Habitat
    • Traditional Aboriginal Perspective and Knowledge of Birds – The Raven
  • Math
    • Measuring
    • Geometry
  • Materials Technology
    • Hardwoods
  • Technical Drawing Pre-Assembly and Post-Assembly
  • Assembly
    • Tools and Tool Safety
    • Fastening Techniques
    • Assembly Jigs
    • Sanding
    • Bird Feeder Assembly
  • Design Challenge
  • Introduction to Trades
Safety Goggles, Hammer NOT INCLUDED

Use of the Workbook and Teacher’s Reference Guide will be a limited license for one time use with this Classroom Kit only.

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