Bird Feeder

Complete Classroom Kit 

Recommended for Grade 5 students

This project uses wood glue, nails and screws

Set of 24 Bird Feeders with Workbook $285.00

plus GST and shipping (finished Bird Feeders not included)

Top-up kits of 3 units are available for $36.00 for classrooms with more than 24 students.

The Bird Feeder Classroom Kit is shipped in one box weighing 25 pounds.

The Bird Feeder Workbook is also available in FRENCH.



  • Digital Workbook
  • Digital Teacher’s Reference Guide
  • Finished Wood Parts for Bird Feeders (24)
  • Two Finished Assembly Jigs
  • One Set Hardwood Samples
  • Sanding Blocks (24)
  • Wood Glue
  • Masking Tape
  • Medium Grit Sandpaper
  • 1” Common Nails, screws


  • Bird Habitat
    • Traditional Aboriginal Perspective and Knowledge of Birds – The Raven
  • Math
    • Measuring
    • Geometry
  • Materials Technology
    • Hardwoods
  • Technical Drawing Pre-Assembly and Post-Assembly
  • Assembly
    • Tools and Tool Safety
    • Fastening Techniques
    • Assembly Jigs
    • Sanding
    • Bird Feeder Assembly
  • Design Challenge
  • Introduction to Trades

Safety Goggles, Hammer NOT INCLUDED

Use of the Workbook and Teacher’s Reference Guide will be a limited license for one time use with this Classroom Kit only.