Complete Classroom Kit 

Recommended for Grade 4 students

This project uses wood glue and nails


Set of 24 Planters with Workbook $255.00
plus GST and shipping (finished Planters not included)

Top-up kits of 3 units are available for $33.00 for classrooms with more than 24 students.

The Planter Classroom Kit is shipped in one box weighing 17 pounds. 



Included with Complete Classroom Kit
(makes 24 Planters)
Additional units are available for classes with more than 24 students.


  • Workbook Digital Copy
  • Teacher’s Reference Guide Digital Copy
  • Finished Wood Parts for Planters (24)
  • Two Finished Assembly Jigs
  • Sanding Blocks (24)
  • One Set of Softwood Samples
  • One Set of Tree Ring Samples
  • Wood Glue
  • Coarse Grit Sandpaper
  • Medium Grit Sandpaper
  • 1” Common Nails
  • Nasturtium Seeds


  • Math
    • Shapes
    • Measuring
  • Materials Technology
    • Softwood Trees of British Columbia
    • Aboriginal Perspectives and Knowledge of the Cedar Tree
    • Wood Technology
    • Lumber Production
  • Assembly
    • Fastening Techniques
    • Tools and Tool Safety
    • Sanding
    • Assembly Jigs
    • Planter Assembly
  • Technical Drawing
  • Science and Nature
    • Plants and Seed Germination

Safety Goggles and Hammer NOT INCLUDED. Use of the Workbook and Teacher’s Reference Guide will be a limited license for one time use with this Classroom Kit only.