Entrepreneurship Projects

Students operate their own “company”

Woodworking and Entrepreneurship go hand in hand!

Building woodworking projects as part of a “company” within their class, students experience manufacturing as well as marketing; culminating in a sale of their projects at school.

Students in Grades 6 and 7 are required to experience 3 modules of the ADST (Applied Design, Skills and Technologies) curriculum as specified by BC’s Ministry of Education. Woodworking and Entrepreneurship are two of the modules from which to choose.

To view the Core Competencies for ADST and see what students are expected to know, go to the Ministry of Education’s website at: https://curriculum.gov.bc.ca/curriculum/adst/6 

The Elementary Woodshop has designed two new projects that merge Woodworking and Entrepreneurship for your students. The intent is that students learn about business by forming “companies” in the classroom and each company will build three projects as a team.  The workbooks have been simplified to focus on Entrepreneurship and the manufacturing process for students in higher elementary grades.


Students will learn what an entrepreneur is and will choose a company name and develop their own logo for a poster to advertise their product. They will learn about business plans and will complete a pricing worksheet for their product and will finish with recording sales statistics following the sale of their products.  Easy-to-follow illustrated assembly instructions have been designed for teachers and students with no woodworking experience.  Of course a teacher may wish to order for every student and the sale of the products is always optional. As an option to selling products or having students keep their own project, teachers have had success in locating the Bee Houses (and our Bird Feeders or Bird Houses) in local nature parks or on school property.

While building their products students will learn about prototyping, tools and tool safety, quality control and sanding and finishing. The classroom kit of 12 units includes pre-cut, pre-drilled woodworking projects, sandpaper with sanding blocks, and wood glue. There are no nails or screws for the TOY FACTORY projects.  Screws are included with the MASON BEE HOUSE classroom kit and this project requires a #1 Robertson screwdriver which is not provided in the kit. Both kits will require the use of a hammer which is not provided.


We have a cute little functional MASON BEE HOUSE for students to build.

Students will learn about these important little pollinators in their neighbourhood.

The Mason Bee House is 6″ long by 5″ high.

The finished Mason Bee Houses may generate up to $12 each at your school sale,
demonstrating an excellent cost recovery scenario for students.
We sell this kit in sets of 12 for $140.00 plus GST and shipping.
The box dimensions are 12″ x 9″ x 8″ and the weight is 9 pounds.



Everyone loves toy trucks so we created our TOY FACTORY.

                                                      This kit of 12 units includes 3 of our very popular Logging Trucks,
as well as 3 Gravel Trucks, 3 Semi-Trailer Trucks and 3 Flat Deck Trucks.
Each truck is approximately 9″ long and 3″ high. Four classroom companies will each
represent one of the trucks. This makes for great friendly competition between
companies when promoting the different trucks.

A suggested sale price for each finished truck at a school sale is $12.
The TOY FACTORY kit of 12 units is also $140.00 plus GST and shipping.
The box dimensions are 12″ x 10″ x 4″ and the weight is 7 pounds.

And let’s not forget our popular BIRD HOUSE kits designed for Grade 7 students which we now also offer as an Entrepreneural package of 12 units.  This is our most comprehensive workbook with many lessons including Entrepreneurship. This project will require a #1 Robertson screwdriver and hammer (screws and nails are included in the kit – the tools are not included).  Twelve BIRD HOUSE units will cost $180.00 plus GST and shipping.  A sale of these beautiful Bird Houses can generate $15 for each unit at your school sale. The box dimensions are 18″ x 12″ x 9″ and the weight is 20 pounds. To see the Bird House project in more detail click on this link https://theelementarywoodshop.ca/complete-classroom-kits/bird-house/

The Career Education component of the new curriculum directs students to explore a Life and Career Plan. Introducing elementary students to the world of technical fields through project-based learning in an entrepreneurship model expands their career skill set and their options, giving them an opportunity to taste their potential in the real world.   Lead your students in hands-on work through creative, meaningful projects that teach skills to take forward into high school and beyond.


Please contact us with your questions – we are here to help!     info@theelementarywoodshop.ca or 778-741-1575.