Meet BUILD-A-BUDDY™ – the newest member of our woodworking family.  This little 17cm high wooden character has been designed with primary students in mind and is a simple but effective way for kids to relate to what they can build with their own hands.

The Workbook is intended as a guide to support teachers in delivering a successful Applied Design, Skills and Technologies experience to their students. There are clear assembly instructions and simple student activities.

Students learn about shapes, materials, tools and tool safety, design, and sharing through storytelling.  Students also learn about community and going to work – what job will their BUDDY do? The Aboriginal Perspectives and Knowledge lesson focuses on dolls.

A hammer is required for this project and adult assistance is required. Pre-cut, pre-drilled wood parts are included for 24 students as well as sandpaper and wood glue.  Extra units are available for classes with more than 24 students. BUDDIES can be painted and decorated after assembly. Please note the BUILD-A-BUDDY™ project contains small parts and is not recommended for children under the age of 6.

Read what the teachers have to say about the BUILD-A-BUDDY project.

“The buddy project came in a neatly organized box. Everything was so organized and all parts were separated. The instructions were well written and easy to follow. The tools were easy for my students to use and they had fun making the buddies. Thank you for creating a wonderful project and experience with ADST for my class.”    Thank you again for such a positive project for us to try.”    Janine Fraser, President, BC Primary Teachers’ Association.

“It was a total success. I decided to only talk about wood as a product and then discuss the dowel and then let the students explore.   I was absolutely amazed at how quickly they problem solved the building. I have already heard from two parents, that the kids loved the buddies and worked on them when they got home.  Thank you so much for the chance to explore with this product.”  Ramy Gerber, Vice Principal Vic West Elementary

I purchased the Building Buddies for a Grade 1 and their buddies’ Grade 7 class and this went very well also.  The students used craft supplies to dress their buddies in the career that they would like to be.  Then the older buddies helped to make movies about the careers the students are setting their goals on.” District Career Coordinator 

Read what the students have to say about their BUILD-A-BUDDY experience.

“It was awesome!”
“That was fun”
“My dad will like it”
“It was good. I like how it moves.”
“My dad will really like it because the arms and legs move and the whole body can move around.”
“Because it looks like minecraft, my dad will love it”
“It was fun I got to color shorts on it.”
“It was fun because it was easy too. “
“I loved making it because it looks like how my Dad dresses. ”
“I liked it because we got to colour it”
“I love my dad because he is silly. My dad will love the doll I made! I coloured it his favourite colour.”
“I like my Dad. It was fun making a doll for my Dad. I made it into a Ninja!”
“I like it because my dad will like it. He likes everything I make.”