Our Story

The Elementary Woodshop has been a dream for many years.

I am a retired woodworking teacher, and when our boys were young, they had access to our woodshop at home. They became comfortable working with tools and tinkering in our shop. But many of their friends did not have the same experience. After creating a woodworking kit for a friend’s birthday party with our son and seeing the response from other friends and their parents, our dream for The Elementary Woodshop was born. 

Many years and several careers later, it is time to bring our woodworking program into elementary schools. The education system is asking for resources for elementary students to learn hands-on skills and our communities are reaching out for skilled tradespeople. 


I am the boss in the shop, and my wife is the boss in the office.  Its a great partnership in life and in business.

We are having the time of our lives introducing trade careers to young children and believe we are making a difference. We hope you like what we are doing and we invite your comments and questions.

Peter and Bev

We have developed fun and engaging projects for students in Grades K-7 to build from kits. The easy-to-build kits are specifically designed for teachers with no woodworking experience. Each project has a workbook encompassing a number of lessons to enrich the experience. All workbooks include lessons in Aboriginal Perspectives and Knowledge and we teach children that our communities are built by tradespeople and a career in trades offers a respected and promising future.

Our woodworking program has been welcomed by school administrators, teachers, parents and students. We attend a number of educational conventions throughout the year to showcase our program. The Industry Training Authority of BC has approved our program for funding through grants made available to schools.