Our Story

Bringing Woodworking to Elementary Students

The Elementary Woodshop™ is the creation of a retired woodwork and drafting teacher from Vancouver Island who has designed a woodworking program to support elementary teachers in providing successful hands-on learning experiences with their students.  To read more about us check out the May 2017 edition of BCTF Teacher Magazine http://www.bctf.ca/TeacherNewsmagMay2017/ .

The Elementary Woodshop™ has developed this program to teach the APPLIED DESIGN SKILLS AND TECHNOLOGIES component of BC’s new curriculum, focusing on project-based learning for students. The Elementary Woodshop™ provides opportunities for children to experience woodworking in a classroom setting without the need for a physical woodshop, power tools or the expertise of an experienced woodwork teacher. Elementary teachers are supported through this program which allows them to teach ADST with confidence. The program includes woodworking projects and accompanying cross-curricular Workbooks for students in Grades 2-7. For K-1 students we provide a set of Maker Blocks which invites children to build and learn with simple design sheets; they learn about shapes and 2D and 3D designs.

Classroom kits provide pre-cut, pre-drilled wood pieces, glue, screws and nails (where required), and sandpaper with sanding blocks for 24 students, with additional sets available for additional students. A cross-curricular Workbook is part of each classroom kit and is an integral part of the program. The cross-curricular Workbooks touch on traditional subjects such as math and science but also delve into drafting, power technology, entrepreneurship and an introduction to trade careers and include a lesson discussing Aboriginal perspectives and knowledge which have been reviewed by an Indigenous Education Resource Teacher. The lessons encompass many of the learning standards in the new curriculum and are geared to different grade levels. The Workbook for the K-1 Maker Blocks includes simple design sheets for students and the Workbook for Grade 2 offers simple lessons to complement the BUILD-A-BUDDY project while the Grade 6 and 7 Workbooks include a lesson in entrepreneurship.


The Elementary Woodshop