What the teachers are saying                                

“There was certainly a lot of thought in the design of the lessons for the project.  One could tell Peter was a former teacher who knows how important it is to provide information and details!  Also, I appreciated how the project worked in connections to aboriginal perspective and knowledge of cedar trees, wood technology and lumber production. The students were really interested in learning about the different woods and seeing the samples you sent.”  Grade 4 Teacher, Independent School

“It was an unforgettable experience for me and my students! The fun continued with acrylic painting, seed planting and a technical drawing. So many curricular connections, made easy with a kit and teacher guide. I am so glad I came across this opportunity!”  Student Teacher, Grade 5/6

“I appreciate your help and I am looking forward to receiving the materials and for exceeding excellent customer service.”
Vice Principal, SD#36 Surrey

“The making of the trucks was clearly instructed in the booklet and the class had a fun experience.  The information booklet including student activities was very valuable.  I liked the critical thinking questions and layout of the assignments. Thank you for the care you take in preparing the pieces and counting the pieces plus matching the learning outcomes to grade levels in the information books.” District Career Coordinator

 “I purchased the Building Buddies for a Grade 1 and their buddies Grade 7 class and this went very well also.  The students used craft supplies to dress their buddies in the career that they would like to be.  Then the older buddies helped to make movies about the careers the students are setting their goals on.” District Career Coordinator

What a great idea to make a kit with a resource book for teachers to use in classrooms. Thank you for creating a wonderful project and experience with ADST for my class.”  President, BCPTA 

 So far the project is going very well, I have been doing the lessons each week. My class, parents and I are loving this project.” SD#37 Delta

The kits are beautiful and the workbook is incredible.  I have been talking about it all day!! I was so impressed with his knowledge and passion.”  CLARO Learning Centre

The project worked great. We linked it to our science unit on simple machines so the students got to be creative with it. They were also able to personalize theirs with paint.  They really enjoyed the activity that was spread over three weeks.” SD#61 Victoria

What a great niche you are filling. Your contributions to the elementary level would be most helpful in preparing students for their future course and career decisions.” Career Centre Coordinator

Thank you again for all the personal love and passion you have put into these kits.” District Career and Transitions Coordinator

“I’ve only had great experiences with The Elementary Woodshop’s customer service and ADST kits.” Grade 6 Teacher, SD#36 Surrey

“The interactive workbook with the student activities are clear, concise and easy to follow. The activities for the students encompass so many of learning standards in the new curriculum and are presented in a fun and engaging manner.
Thanks so much for all your hard work in setting up this program in such a child friendly way. We all appreciate it.”  Grade 7 Teacher SD#23 Kelowna

“My grade 5/6 students loved making the birdhouses this year. They were very easy to assemble and it was very satisfying for the kids to see that they could build something from wood that looked so good! The kids painted them in camouflage colours and installed them at a bird sanctuary, fostering their role as environmental stewards. They now notice birds more and have increased awareness of the ways that people can help to protect and preserve our natural environment.”
Grade 5/6 Teacher, SD#41 Burnaby




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